Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are among the most recent types of fire extinguishers introduced in the UK. They work by deploying a solution of pressurized salts in water and are useful for Class F fat or cooking oil fires; they are not suitable for Class B oil fires.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are perfect for fires in kitchens and in food processing plants.

With the majority of fires starting in kitchen areas, these fire extinguishers are the perfect solution for this type of fire.

These models are easy to use. Firstly you should turn off the heat source if you can do so safely, then hold the lance above the fire, at arm’s length. The nozzle should be 1 metre or more away from the fire itself. Discharge the spray so that the wet chemicals fall onto the fire’s surface gently.

You should make sure you discharge the contents of the wet chemical extinguisher until they are all gone, even if the fire appears to go out quickly.

Many of these extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires, involving wood, textiles and paper. They feature an applicator that enables usage from a safe distance, which means you can stand well back from the fire, reducing the danger of accidents occurring and of you getting hurt.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are designed to be used on Class F fires that involve fats and cooking oils. These include sunflower oil, lard, olive oil, butter and maize oil.

The wet chemical inside the extinguisher is highly effective on burning oil. It will quickly extinguish the flames and cool the oil.It reacts like a soap solution, sealing the surface of burnt oil and thus preventing the fire re-igniting through suffocation.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers can extinguish deep fat fryer fires, the spray produced is gentle but very effective. It is safe to use because it reduces the risk of hot fat or oil splashing onto you while you are using the extinguisher.

It is advisable for users to keep a CO2 extinguisher and a fire blanket in the same area.

These types of extinguishers are available in a variety of sizes, including 2, 3 and 6 litre cylinders and with various height ranges and diameters. A 6 litre cylinder is lightweight enough for any user, yet it is capable of tackling a 75 litre fat fire which might be burning at over 300 degrees.